Church Administrator

Brittney L. A. Chase

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Brittney L. A. Chase is our new church admin who joined us during the Christmas season in 2019. She has been dwelling in Queens, NYC with her husband and two young children since Summer 2014. She hails from the small, lovely town of Benton Harbor, MI. Brittney strongly believes in having a spirit of excellence while keeping genuine relationships at the forefront of her work and goals. She has an organic love for people and a heart for equity understanding and social empowerment. 


After graduating from Michigan State University (GO GREEN! GO WHITE!) with a Journalism B.A., Brittney has had so much fun working in a people-facing capacity since 2001. She leverages the sum of her career experience to add value and spread positivity. 


Brittney’s ultimate goal is to become a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. She also enjoys traveling, performing arts, talks with strangers, reading, writing, quality time with her family and collaborating with her success coaches who provide ongoing support in personal and professional growth.